mujuuryoku: hey, are you receiving any anti virus messages when going to reblog something? its happened to me a couple of times and ive seen youre active on my dashboard, so thought i'd ask you :S

Nope. I think it’s your CPU. Your computer might have the virus, and not Tumblr itself. You should get it check ASAP. Mine had a virus and I couldn’t do anything with my laptop. ;w; Do you know anyone who knows anything about fixing and taking the virus off?

Posted: 3年前 at 21:07
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  1. shizuoのコメント: N.E.R.D.
  2. thespookycardisのコメント: i suggest downloading a program called malwarebytes. and running a full scan on your harddrive(s) it’s saved my laptop’s ass so many times. ; A ;
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